The design of exteriors

Indeed, the design of exteriors has changed dramatically for the last few years, which has resulted in the emergence of new trends. Firstly, textures of the facade should be chosen properly to balance with the interior and the environment as well. Otherwise, the image of the house will be spoiled, and it will seem to be chaotic and inappropriate

The other advice of the NWL’s designers is to visually increase the space. There’s a high chance to notice the large windows of high-grade glass that creates an illusion of a bigger house exterior in the brand-new buildings. This also allows natural light to enter your home better. You will see that the colour of this design is more toned down and neutral.

Moreover, it’s essential to add some eye-catching details to your exterior. One of them is adding a touch of nature vibe. All things in the garden can be organized into geometric sections. The preferable colours for furnishings, walls, and plants are bold and striking, or monochrome. One more breath-taking detail can be a balcony or terrace, adding value to your house.

Eventually, the front garden landscape adds a touch of natural vibe. The balcony as you can see is another beautiful element that adds value to your home.

The front lawn with garden landscapes adds a touch of nature vibe which plasters a varnished look to your yard. The smooth and polished finish of your house looks attractive at any side which adds a sophisticated value to your home for an overall luxurious look. The balcony as you can see is another beautiful element that adds value to your home.

The visualization of  facades is a combination of different materials such as glass, bricks, wood, plaster, and natural or artificial stone, which adds an impact of elegance. 

As for the plaster, there’s a great variety of this material, appropriate to everyone’s tastes and preferences. There’re the following types of plaster:

  • lime plaster
  • cement plaster
  • gypsum plaster
  • silicone plaster
  • silicate plaster
  • acrylic plaster
  • mineral plaster

All of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, acrylic plaster is popular for its high durability, lack of cracks, elasticity and, finally, resistance to frost and moisture. At the same time one of the disadvantages is the material’s combustibility and its uneven surface. It results in the accumulation of dust, which can be hardly washed out. There are several options for solving this problem, whether to do regular special care or to give it up, and the facade of the house will get spoiled fast. 

As for silicate plaster, it’s the most durable plaster ever, as it serves up to 30 years! There are no cracks due to its elasticity, just a bit of dust settles on the surface, and it can be easily washed out. Don’t worry moisture, frost and serious temperature changes, because of silicate’s strong resistance. But silicate plasters aren’t perfect. High prices and limited choice of colours.

It’s important to note that all works must be carried by professionals in order to reach the best result. Otherwise, there will be lots of defects on the facade such as blowing or blistering of plaster, cracks, falling out of plaster, efflorescence, flaking, peeling, popping, rust stains, uneven surface, or softness. Fortunately, you can rely on NWL workers,who will qualitatively and at the same time quickly carry out all works for affordable prices.


We’ll do our best to make your courtyard the place of your dream. There you’ll be able to throw a party, have a picnic, chill after work, or solitude with nature. Long story short, your exterior will become the place of catching pleasant vibes.